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Over the Pond Productions

April, 2018

In a nearby village, not too distant from this place, resided a woman faced with a critical decision. This choice held the potential to shatter her life completely. The Lady led a life of utmost perfection, being the wealthiest woman in the city and possessing great power. Yet, these accomplishments were insufficient. Deep within her, she yearned for the most priceless entity in the world, the one thing she couldn't quite define. Driven by this desire, she was prepared to go to any lengths to obtain it. But what if our choices had the capacity to devastate entire cities or even countries? What if our insatiable greed hindered our ability to experience love? What if we were destined to live a lifetime burdened by guilt and remorse? Through an ensemble of remarkable women, captivating movement, and live music, Over the Pond Productions presents a somber Dutch fable that challenges the decisions we make and explores how we confront the repercussions. This tale remains as pertinent today as it did two centuries ago.

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