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Ariadne auf Nazos

Longborough festival Opera
July, 05 2018


Musicians, singers and actors prepare for a serious opera, to be followed by a burlesque troupe. To avoid running late it is decided that the two entertainments be performed simultaneously, and the performers, tragic and comic alike, must tailor their efforts to their employer's requirements.

This absurd predicament is the setting for Strauss’s musical exploration of the bitter-sweet nature of love, culminating in a duet in which Hofmannsthal's magical idea of poetic transformation is perfectly allied to the sublimity of Strauss's music

The movement (by Michael Spenceley) is quick, alert and clear, and it beautifully reflects the mercurial texture of the music,(...) For once the stage doesn’t get in the way of the music but supports it.'
The Art Desk

'Movement director, Michael Spenceley, another Longborough regular, works wonders with the many comings and goings of wigmaker, lackey, major-domo, dance master and the burlesque troupe.' 
Seen and Heard International

..while you only notice Michael Spenceley’s movement-direction to observe how clever and seamless it is, underpinned by a dry wit. There is always something going on to make you smile.'
Classical Source

a group of people standing on top of a stage with a beautiful fabric
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