Ariadne Auf Naxos - Longborough festival Opera
'The movement (by Michael Spenceley) is quick, alert and clear, and it beautifully reflects the mercurial texture of the music,(...) For once the stage doesn’t get in the way of the music but supports it.'
The Art Desk

'Movement director, Michael Spenceley, another Longborough regular, works wonders with the many comings and goings of wigmaker, lackey, major-domo, dance master and the burlesque troupe.' 
Seen and Heard International

'...while you only notice Michael Spenceley’s movement-direction to observe how clever and seamless it is, underpinned by a dry wit. There is always something going on to make you smile.'
Classical Source

Simplicius Simplicissimus - Independent Opera:
'...Their drills and routines strikingly choreographed by Michael Spenceley.' 
The Guardian

' It’s a platform subject to continual assault from every angle in a helter-skelter of brilliantly choreographed scenes (by Michael Spenceley).'
The Art Desk

Alcina - Longborough Festival Opera
'...the choreography created by Michael Spenceley, which took its part as one of the spectacles to delight the senses: the dance gestures enhanced Handel’s music by falling in place rhythmically with it and were not an intrusion upon the drama.'
Classical Source

'...What was also notable was the exquisite dancing by choreographer Michael Spenceley'
Stratford Herald

Xerxes - Longborough Festival Opera:
'...More Astaire-Rogers than disco, which is well choreographed by Michael Spenceley'
Seen And Heard International

'...Choreographer Michael Spenceley had matched the quickness of Serse's dramaturgy with a lively busy production'
Planet Hugill